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If you cannot access the full-text contents of a journal due to it being unavailable for a specific period (what is commonly known as an embargo period) this is because our institutional subscription is most probably via a multi-journal provider/e-journal platform such as EBSCO, not the journal publisher itself. In this case, most probably for commercial/business reasons, the publisher is only allowing paid access directly from their website.

If you see a message indicating full –text access is delayed or unavailable, either via the Library Catalogue, the e-journals section of the Library website, DISCOVER or any other source (Google Scholar etc.) and we do not have online access via an alternative provider /the publisher's website you have the following options:

  • check the Catalogue to see if access to a print version is available
  • check to see if the articles/issues are available through a free service called Article Reach
  • contact our Inter-Library Loans department to see if you can request via the publisher's website/another source

Abstracts and citations of recent journal contents however, will probably be available from general academic citation databases such as Scopus, Web of Science etc., in addition to the journal/publisher website direct. 

Requests through Article Reach are free, although you may find it useful to check if a journal/ article you want is available from any other member institutions. You can do this by viewing the Article Reach union catalogue and searching for the journal in question (please ask HelpDesk staff for assistance with this if required).

If it looks like you cannot request via Article Reach and there is no alternative library access to the journal in question please contact Inter-Library Loans for advice/further information.

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