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You can download whole eBooks onto mobile devices and PCs/laptops from several of our eBook platforms:

  • ebrary - about 85,000 titles
  • EBL - about 45,000 titles
  • SpringerLink - about 55,000 titles
  • Palgrave Connect - about 5,600 titles
  • Dawsonera - about 2,000 titles

Further information about downloading from each of those platforms is provided below.

Ebrary downloads require the use of Adobe Digital Editions which you will need to install on your own PC, and use the EPUB format. It is not available on MWS PCs in University PC Centres. Ebrary downloads expire after 14 days, but you can then download the same book again if necessary. You can transfer downloaded ebrary eBooks onto many eBook readers, or onto an iPad using the free Bluefire app but not the Kindle. See the Ebrary help page for more details of how to download whole ebrary eBooks. Note that our approximately 400 single-user titles cannot be downloaded (because then nobody else would be able to use those titles during the duration of the download).

See our page about using the EBL platform for details about downloading from it.

SpringerLink eBooks are available as whole-book PDF downloads, as well as individually-downloadable PDF chapters.

Palgrave Connect
All Palgrave Connect eBooks are available as whole-book PDF downloads (individual chapters cannot be downloaded). Palgrave Connect eBooks from 2011 onwards (and the Business & Management 2010 collection) are also available as whole-book EPUB downloads that can be downloaded to any device that supports the EPUB format, for example the iBooks app on iOS devices.

Please note currently the download facility on Dawsonera is not available, however, eBooks are available through the read online function.

When this issue has been resolved you will be able to download whole eBooks from the Dawsonera platform. No special software is required. Dawsonera downloads use PDF files, but the files are only available to you for 7 days. After that you need to download the eBook again. It is not possible to copy or print from downloaded Dawsonera eBooks, so you may find the Read Online option is more convenient. Dawsonera will introduce the downloading of EPUB format eBooks to mobile devices soon.

You cannot download whole eBooks from the Myilibrary platform. We have deliberately chosen not to activate this feature because the vast majority of our Myilibrary e-books are single-user titles. If they were downloaded they would become unavailable to all other users for at least 3 days, with no option of an early return.

Most other eBook platforms make their books available as chapter-level PDF files. Although licence agreements typically prohibit "systematic downloading", you are probably OK to download every chapter of a book if it does not have an option to download the whole book in a single file, particularly if you do so over a prolonged period. Note that PDF files can't 're-flow' on eBook readers, like EPUB can, so reading PDFs on a small-screened eBook reader can be an unpleasant experience, though reading it on a tablet should be fine.

All this advice comes with the proviso that you don't do anything naughty with the files you download, such as sending them to someone who isn't a member of the University of Liverpool, or uploading them to a file sharing website.

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