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During busy revision times, both libraries run a "Take a Break" scheme to help with space issues.

If you need to leave your seat to take a lunch break, visit the toilet, or to use a printer, please fill out a Take a Break card and leave it on your desk. You can find these cards at the Help Desk and various locations around the library.

You can leave your desk for up to 30 minutes. Just record the time you left and the time you intend to return. Please do not leave any valuables at your desk while you are away. If you have not returned after thirty minutes, your belongings may be moved to one side to allow another student to use the desk or computer.

Please be considerate to other students during busy times and give up your seat if you will be out of the library for longer than thirty minutes.

Please contact our rovers if you have any questions, notice that belongings have been left for longer than thirty minutes or need assistance with finding seats.

Simply let us know your study location and we'll send someone along:

Harold Cohen Library
Text: 07807 106702 / Email:

Sydney Jones Library
Text: 07807 106703 / Email:

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