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If you find that Write-N-Cite is not working properly, the following techniques will help you until Write-N-Cite starts working properly again. They should also work for documents written in Open Office, WordPad, and other word processors which do not support the Write-N-Cite plugin at all.

Getting citations into a document - version one

  1. Have RefWorks itself (i.e. not Write-N-Cite) open when you are working on your document.
  2. Within RefWorks, above your list of references you will see a drop-down menu with the words "Change view" above it - use this menu to change from standard view to one-line cite view.
  3. The way your references appear in RefWorks will now look different.
  4. Click the cite icon next to the reference(s) you want. The icon looks like this - { }
  5. A pop-up window will display showing a citation that looks similar to this - {{92 Arsovska, Jana 2006:}}.
  6. Click Select, then copy and paste the citation into your document at the appropriate place.
  7. Continue doing this until you have all your citations in your document.

Getting citations into a document - version two

This is an alternative you may find quicker, though it requires accuracy in typing.

  1. Leave RefWorks in standard view. You should see that each reference has a Ref ID: number.
  2. In your document, type the ref ID number of the references you want, enclosing it in double curly brackets, with a semicolon after each number - for example, if your desired reference has the ref ID 117, in your document you would type {{117;}}. If you have multiple citations, you just type {{117; 336; 19;}} and so on.
  3. That's it!

Adding page numbers to references

  1. To add a page number to a reference, type in /f p. n before the semi-colon, where n is the page number. Here's an example - {{92 Arsovska, Jana 2006/f p.45;}}.
  2. When you format your document (as outlined below), this will then display as a normal reference, for example (Arsovska 2006 p. 45).

Formatting your document with RefWorks itself, not Write-N-Cite

  1. Once you've finished writing your document, save it and close it.
  2. Within RefWorks, click on Bibliography in the menu bar at the top, then click Create.
  3. Choose the Output Style you want (Harvard, APA, Vancouver, etc.)
  4. Click the browse button then find and select your document.
  5. Click Create bibliography.
  6. RefWorks will properly format your document.

More information on RefWorks from the Referencing guide.

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