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'is it @ Liverpool?' is our system for providing links to electronic full-text and other services. It takes details from the place where you found the article (for example, a database such as Web of Science or Scopus) and uses them to build links to full-text other options, giving you a quick and easy way to locate the items you want.

Sometimes, 'is it @ Liverpool?' cannot take you straight to the full-text of the article. This might be because:

1. 'is it @ Liverpool?' has not been provided with sufficient information about the article to take you to it.

'is it @ Liverpool?' gives you the option of editing the information about the article to provide more details and then trying again. Look for the 'Modify item details' link above the blue 'is it @ Liverpool?' banner.

2. We are entitled to access the article, but 'find it @ Liverpool' cannot create a direct link to the article because of the way that the hosting site is constructed.

'is it @ Liverpool?' then provides you with links to search for the journal in our library catalogue and then to navigate to the article from there.

3. We are not entitled to access the article, because access is restricted to subscribers only and we do not subscribe to the journal.

'is it @ Liverpool?' gives you the option to try to find a freely-available version of the article via the OAIster search engine for repositories, or to order journal articles that we don't have online or in print through our free ArticleReach service.

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