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There are a number of ways you can find the items you need, all linked from the Library home page:

  • Library Catalogue. Use this for holdings of specific books and journals, both print and electronic.
  • eJournals. You will find all the eJournals held by the library, arranged by Discipline/Subject. Or you can search for individual journals by title, subject or ISSN.
  • Databases. You can search for these collections of online content by subject, database type, provider or title.
  • DISCOVER. Use DISCOVER to search for articles, books, journals and more. A basic search limits to those items accessible to University of Liverpool staff and students, but this can be extended to find items we do not currently have access to.

You will note that the Library Catalogue and DISCOVER find both print and electronic materials. Some find the Catalogue more helpful for print materials and DISCOVER for online resources, but this is a matter of preference. 

For titles of journal articles, e.g. "Distinctive 16 PF Personality Traits of Librarians", use DISCOVER or the 'Go to an article' link in eJournals. Individual articles cannot be found by searching the Library Catalogue.

The title of the journal, for e.g. Journal of Library Administration, can be found in the Library Catalogue as well as DISCOVER- along with details of which years the Library has access to.  If the title of the journal does not appear then the Library does not subscribe to that.particular item.  If this is the case and you need the journal then you can request it through either a free service called ArticleReach or an Inter-Library Loan (request fees payable), or search the Internet to see if it's freely available.

Note also:

  • You can search Reading Lists if the item you want is on a course/module Reading list - or you want to know what items are on a particular reading list.
  • Use the University of Liverpool Repository for publications submitted by University staff or researchers.

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