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The library is here for you but some of our services may look a little different at the moment. For details about all of our resources and services, visit Getting Started With the Library.

We have made it easier for students to find the books they need.  For many years the Harold Cohen Library had books shelved in two separate sequences and now this has been rationalised.

We have changed the class numbers of Computing, Electrical Engineering and Engineering books from UDC (just numbers) to Library of Congress (letters and numbers)  and interfiled them with the rest of the books in the Harold Cohen Library.

Look up your book in the Library Catalogue to find its class number – this always has the most up-to-date information.  More precise locations have been added to the library catalogue to help you: e.g.  Harold Cohen Library 1st Floor Silent Study Room, Harold Cohen Library Ground Floor Rear, Harold Cohen Library Basement.

Having all the books in a single class number sequence has the following advantages:

  • A collection that is up-to-date and easy for students and staff to navigate.
  • A single logical sequence to facilitate discovery and browsing.
  • New areas of research suitably differentiated (because LC is a modern scheme.)
  • Interdisciplinary subjects found together rather than dispersed across the library.
  • Students studying modules across different disciplines (e.g. Computer Science and Management) and using both libraries will find their books easily using a familiar scheme.
  • New books will be available for borrowing sooner, because our suppliers can supply books with LC class numbers ‘shelf-ready’.

We have also created more study space by moving the books.  

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