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For items on module reading lists within Reading Lists @ Liverpool, copyright clearance to enable digitisation of these materials can also be requested via your reading list.

If you have a module Reading List within Reading Lists @ Liverpool, then you are able to request digitisation of items on that list.

Within your Reading List, if you choose ‘Edit’ and ‘Edit List’, for each item you will be given a ‘Request Digitisation’ option.

Choosing this option allows you to complete an online request form which, once submitted, will instantly run all the checks necessary to copyright clear the item you would like to be digitised. You will be given an instant answer on whether the item is copyright cleared for digitisation, or whether further investigation by the Library is needed.

The request form will be sent electronically to the Library who will digitise any copyright cleared materials for you and upload them, together with a copyright cleared declaration, to your module Reading List for students and staff to view, print or download from there.

The Library will also deal with any requests which require further investigation to potentially enable copyright clearance to be gained.

You will be kept informed of the progress of any request at all stages.

If you require advice on how to set up a reading list within Reading Lists @ Liverpool, please contact your Liaison Librarian.

Find out more at the Library's Copyright Guide.

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