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Yes. We have self-service laptop machines at the Harold Cohen, Sydney Jones and London Campus Libraries. For the Harold Cohen and Sydney Jones Libraries they are located on the ground floors and for the London Campus Library, the 1st floor  These laptops can only be used within the Library and must not be removed from the premises. Please carefully read the instructions on how to use them. If you have any questions or problems, please contact library staff. 

Laptops are for student use only and are issued for 4 hours at a time. Laptops are available on a first come first served basis and cannot be reserved in advance.

· Please read the Conditions of Use below before use.

· You will need your University ID card to borrow and return a laptop.

How to borrow a laptop

1. Go to the Self Service Laptop Touch Screen

2. Press Borrow

3. Scan your ID card on the wireless symbol below the screen as shown.

4. Accept the terms and conditions on the screen 

5. Note the time of return.

6. Go to the locker number indicated on the screen – the locker will light up.

7. Scan the wireless symbol on the locker tower to unlock the door.

8. Open the door, remove the power cable, take the laptop out and shut the door.

9. Press Finish on the touch screen if necessary.

10. You only have 1 minute to open the lockers after swiping your card so you will need to start again if you aren’t quick enough.

· Save work regularly to your M drive or pen drive, as battery life is not guaranteed.

How to return a laptop

1. Make sure you have logged off and shut the laptop down properly.

2. Press Return on the touch screen.

3. Scan your ID card on the wireless symbol below the screen as shown.

4. Open the locker indicated – it will be the same one that you removed the laptop from.

5. Put the laptop inside and make sure you plug in the power cable. Otherwise the laptop will still be ‘on loan’ to you, you won’t be able to borrow another and fines will be charged

6. Shut the locker door.

7. You can borrow another laptop as soon as you’ve returned your current one subject to availability. Blue locker lights mean the laptop is charged, while red means it is charging or unavailable.


The desktop display is much the same as a standard PC. You will need to use you MWS Username and Password to Log-in to the network.

  • You must have a valid University of Liverpool Student ID card. Students with outstanding library fines, invoices or other restrictions on their library account that prevent borrowing will not be able to use the service.
  • The laptop is only for use within the library. Do not take it out of the library, even in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • The laptops are wireless enabled and you will have access to all the services that are available on a fixed PC.
  • Save any work to your M drive or use an alternative source such as a USB pen or CD. Any work or material saved to the laptop will be lost when it is returned.
  • You are responsible for the laptop during the loan period. Do not leave it unattended or loan it to anyone else.
  • If you need help in using the laptop or if it develops a technical fault please ask for assistance at the CSD Helpdesk in the library Monday-Friday 9am-5pm; outside these hours staff on the Service desk may be able to help.

Yes,select UoL Print queue from the drop down list and you can then collect your printing from any printer.

The loan of the laptop is free but a fine will be imposed if you keep it longer than the permitted loan period. The following charges apply:

  • £5 for the first hour
  • £1 per hour thereafter
  • £50 should the laptop sustain any damage while in your care
  • £350 If the laptop is damaged beyond repair or for non-return

When you become a member of the University and activate your computing account, you explicitly agree to abide by the IT Regulations of the University. Each subsequent log on to your account reaffirms your agreement to abide by these regulations.

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