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The University's ERA+  (Educational Recording Agency) licence allows the recording of television and radio broadcast material for educational purposes and enables these recordings to be accessed by students whether on the premises or in any other location within the UK.  The recording can be shown during a lecture/class and can also be used in PowerPoint presentations and may be placed on VITAL.

A written record needs to be kept of all copying carried out under the ERA licence. The record needs to include the following;

  • Title of the programme recorded;
  • Where the recording is kept;
  • Who made the recording;
  • How many copies of the recording were made.

All ERA recordings must be clearly labelled.  You need to make sure that if you make an off-air recording under the terms of the licence that you label the outer case and disc itself with the following;

  • Date (when the recording was made)
  • Name of the broadcaster
  • Programme title
  • The wording: This recording is to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence

In the case of digital recordings stored on server (VITAL) include the above required details as a written opening credit or webpage, which must be viewed or listened to before access to the recording is permitted.

However, if you make a recording using the online service Box of Broadcasts, BoB, you do not need to worry about ERA notices or record keeping as BoB will take care of this for you. 

For more information please visit ERA.

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