Answered By: Lisa Hawksworth
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The way EU documents are numbered changed on 1st January 2015. From that date, all EU legislation will bear a unique, sequential number and should be cited in the form: (domain/body) YYYY/No. See the examples below with the new numbering highlighted:

Council Regulation (EU) 2015/159 of 27 January 2015 amending Regulation (EC) No 2532/98 concerning the powers of the European Central Bank to impose sanctions [2015] OJ L27/1.

Council Decision (CFSP) 2015/236 of 12 February 2015 amending Decision 2010/413/CFSP concerning restrictive measures against Iran [2015] OJ L39/18.

The numbering of documents published before 1st January 2015 remains unchanged. Prior to that date, the year followed the running number in the numbering of Regulations.


See the OSCOLA referencing page for more guidance.

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