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Assuming that your first preference is to use the journal online, head to the Library Homepage and select the Titles A-Z tab. This screen allows you to search for publication names in our Electronic Library.

The default search is for words anywhere in the titles of e-journals and e-books (and other e-resources like conference proceedings are reports).

If necessary you can limit the search to only e-journals, or only e-books; and you can require that the title begins with your search terms, or exactly matches your search terms. That option is ideal for titles like JAMA or Science:

JAMA found using a 'title exact match' search

If your search draws a blank with the 'titles exact match' limit, loosen the limit to 'title begins with' or 'title contains'.

If we have online access to the journal at more than one site, then the sites will be listed in alphabetical order, with the coverage next to each site. If you are looking for a recent article, look for a site that says 'to present':

Online choices for Science

Clicking on the link for a site will either take you to that site, or it will lead to a list of volumes and issues within the Electronic Library site that will link through to the required site at the article level.

If you arrive at a browse list of volumes and issues within the Electronic Library, and you would prefer to go straight out to the external site, then there is always a link on the right hand side of the screen to do just that.

Link to Nature external site

The information in the Electronic Library can be updated instantly by library staff, so it is the most up to date source of information about our online journals coverage.

You can also limit searches of the library catalogue to electronic journals, but the information in the catalogue is only fed in from the Electronic Library every month, so it can be a little out of date.

To find out whether we hold the required journal in print, search the library catalogue for the journal title, and limit your search to Journals:

library catalogue journal search

The results will include electronic journals as well as print journals. Print and electronic records are separate, and electronic journals always have '[electronic journal]' in the title, and they have a Location of Electronic Resources and a Class No of ELECTRONIC JOURNAL, so they should be easy to distinguish from print journals:

Print and electronic versions in the catalogue

Catalogue journal records are similar to those for multiple copies of books. The Class No corresponds to the spine label, and clicking on the Location takes you to a web page where you will be able to find out where journals with the Class No are located.

The catalogue record gives a brief summary of our holdings, but you can click on the large 'View additional copies or search for a specific volume/copy' button to see a list of all of the barcoded volumes and issues that we hold. You can type a volume number or year into the box next to that button, to just see what items we have in the volume or year.

An example catalogue record for a print journal

Note that for older journals runs, not all volumes are barcoded so the particular volume you need might not be listed individually, even though our holdings statement indicates that we should have it.

In the example above, the message 'Online from 2009' means that in 2009 we stopped subscribing in print and started an online-only subscription. It does not mean that our online coverage is from 2009 onwards. Usually our online coverage will go further back. You can check that in the Electronic Library (or the library catalogue), and in this case our online coverage goes right back to 1983 at JSTOR (but coverage there currently ends with 1997); from 1997 to present on the publisher's site, and between 1995 and 2005 in the full-text database ProQuest Hospital Collection.

Online options in the catalogue

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