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Ebook Library (EBL) is an e-book platform. We have access to over 10,000 ebooks in all disciplines. Titles are included in DISCOVER but not all are available. Please use the Library Catalogue or Titles, A-Z tab of the Electronic Library pages to link to the full text of those which are available. 

How does EBL work?
We have purchased some titles on the EBL platform, but most of the 10,000 titles are books that the Library hasn't bought - yet! Each of those books is available for a 5-minute preview. After that, a pop-up will ask if you want to carry on reading:

If you do, the library will automatically pay for a two-week loan of that e-book for use just by you. You don't have to pay - we just show you the price that library will pay for you.

Alternatively, if you click on the Download button for a book that the Library doesn't yet own, you will be prompted to confirm that you do want to charge the Library for a 14-day download of the book:

Note that you must have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your machine, so this option is not suitable for the University's Managed Windows Service PCs, but for you own PC, laptop of mobile device - see details below.

Once an e-book has been loaned or downloaded three times, the next time somebody chooses to read it for more than five minutes, the Library will automatically buy it and it then becomes like the other titles that we have already purchased on the EBL platform.

The first time the Library loans, downloads or purchases the e-book for you, we ask you to tell us two things: what School or Department you are from, and whether you are a student (at what year/level) or a member of staff. That is just so that we can find out whether certain subjects or types of user make particularly heavy use of the service - which would tell us that we need to look closer at why our existing collection isn't meeting some people's needs.

Note that you don't have to pay anything. The Library pays, for the books that you choose to read and download.

Students on our online degree programmes in association with Laureate can only use the EBL e-books that we have purchased, they cannot loan the other books.


  • To read an EBL e-book online, select the 'Read Online' button.
  • In the left panel inside the Online Reader, click the 'Contents' tab to view and select any chapter.
  • Inside the Online Reader, select the 'Search' tab at left to full-text search within the e-book.
  • EBL e-books load as a continuous image in the Online Reader screen. You can scroll through the whole e-book.
  • Use the toolbar along the top of your screen to access the EBL page forward/back, page sizing, printing, and copying tools.
  • You can navigate between pages using the toolbar's advance and reverse arrows; can enter a specific page number you would like to go to; or can navigate by chapter headings to the left of the Reader screen.
  • Tip: Your can use the 'Notes' tab in the left-hand frame to add your own notes and save them for future visits, export them in a .txt file, or print them along with the page.

Copying, Printing, Downloading

  • You can print up to 20% of an e-book’s total content and can copy and paste up to 5%.
  • You can read EBL e-books online in your browser, or you downloaded to a computer, laptop, and or mobile device for reading offline.
  • For reading online, you only require Adobe Reader. For downloading to a PC or laptop you need Adobe Reader 6.0.2 or later. For downloading to a Mac you need version 7.0 or later. If using Adobe 8.0 or later, you also need to install Adobe Digital Editions.
  • When a loan expires on an e-book that has been downloaded, your access automatically “turns off” until you renew. You do not need an internet connection to read downloaded e-books, and printing and copying is allowed in the downloaded e-book.

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