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I am an online student and need example systematic reviews or help carrying out a systematic review

Systematic Review is an approach often used for medicine and related health disciplines to analyse a range of existing academic studies. You may be asked to use a Systematic Review model for your research project, major Systematic Review methods include the PRIMSA and Cochrane models.

You can see examples of systematic reviews in the academic literature, such as reviews published within periodicals or journal by searching DISCOVER (shown in the University Library Web site or Library for Online Programmes).

When searching for systematic reviews, include key terms related to your topic and the term ‘systematic review’, or for more specific methods, include relevant terms e.g. ‘PRISMA systematic review’, ‘Cochrane systematic review’ or ‘PRISMA meta-analysis’ (an approach used for statistical analysis).

In the example below the search phrase "psychology of social influencing systematic review" was used, showing the following results:

To search for doctoral theses and or other academic research submitted to the University research repository, please see

The University does not retain Masters dissertations in our research repository. If you are looking for examples of systematic reviews or prior submissions of Masters dissertations for your subject, you should approach your tutor or Dissertation Advisor.

Note for students with our partner, Laureate Education - whilst no examples of Masters works are stored by campus services, Laureate does retain examples of Masters dissertations, these should be made available to you during the dissertation phase, if you are having difficulties obtaining these please contact Laureate support or your SSM using the contact options at:

For example dissertations completed at other Universities for where a systematic review model was used please use the ProQuest collection for Theses and Dissertations.

You will need to visit the advanced search option in ProQuest then a little way down the advanced search page, see the option for 'Masters' works (note this is shown as 'Masters Theses' due to differing uses of this term internationally).

Online students can see ProQuest in the Library for Online Programmes then see E-Resources > Theses and Dissertations then see the ProQuest collection.

For guidance on systematic review models you may have been advised to use in your studies please refer to specific guidance in your research methods module or programme handbook.

Online students can see links and support resources on using major systematic review methods for PRISMA and Cochrane in the Library for Online Programmes, see the Subjects page, then Health and Medicine, then see the 'Systematic Review' tab: 

Also see the Quick Start and Training area in the left menu of the Library for Online Programmes for general advice on the literature review, searching and using databases: - also see our guide/ tutorial on carrying out your literature review or systematic review under the 'Research' tab:

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