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How to access the University of Liverpool's subscription

  • Click the registration link which brings you to the registration page on the Architect's Journal.
  • Fill out your email address, making sure you use your email domain, or you will not be granted access. Once you have typed your email in, select Next.

Image shows Architects' Journal registration link


  • Complete the fields and select create account. If the page refreshes, do not re-register, just log straight in.

Image shows how to create an account


Once you have clicked create an account, one of 2 things might happen:

The page may refresh itself. As previously mentioned, do not re-register.  Simply just login. Alternatively, the page may update, which tells you that your access has been set.

You’ll see a message similar to the one below:

Image shows confirmation of registration message


When you head to the subscriptions tab to view your details, it should look like this:

Image shows subscription tab


This means your access is active and you can now use the service.


Accessing the Architects' Journal Building Library

Once logged in, click the Library tab which will then take you to a new website page for the Architects' Journal Building Library.  You will see a Sign In prompt at the at top of the page.

Image shows sign in tab


At this point, you simply need to fill out your Architects' Journal log in credentials. You will then have full access to the Architects' Journal Building Library.

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