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The University has produced Guidance on Acceptable and Unacceptable Use of GAI. There is a KnowHow Online tutorial on Best Practice of Generative Artificial Intelligence which can provide further examples.

In brief, GAI should never be used to write an entire assignment, or even sections of text for an assignment. If you use any text that GAI has produced, you should reference this in your work. GAI may be useful for summarising a source and helping you decide if you want to commit to reading it, but it should not replace reading it for yourself as it is prone to errors. Different subjects may have different rules about using GAI so you should always check your module handbook or check with your lecturer.

Can I use software to check my work before submitting e.g to check for grammar or plagiarism?

We would strongly recommend against uploading your work to software such as Chat GPT or any online site. These technologies use information submitted to them to train themselves. Therefore you work may be shared with other users which could compromise your work and falsely identify plagiarism.

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