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If you find that there’s a link on your reading list which is broken or just isn’t working correctly, clicking on the item’s action button (the three dots) gives you an option to report the issue to the Reading List Support Team so they can investigate the issue and correct it.

Report Broken Link

Once you’ve clicked on the action button, a pop up will open over the top of your page with the details of the item you want to report an issue about. 

You then have the option to either add more details to help the Reading List Support Team investigate or request to get a response back about the issue by clicking on the “Request a response and add more details” option.  Your email address should automatically be filled in if you are already logged into Reading Lists @ Liverpool.

Once “Report” is clicked, an email will be sent to the Reading List Support Team with the information about the link that is broken and the list the item is on.  If you’ve chosen to add additional information and would like a response, the Team will investigate the issue and contact you once it has been resolved. 

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