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It is permissible to use printouts or photocopies of law reports in the mooting competition, and this is the easiest way for all students to access the authorities they need.

If students wish to borrow hard copy law reports for a moot, there is a procedure in place:

  • Before the day of the moot, send an email listing all the authorities required to Lisa Hawksworth, the Law Librarian. A copy of this list will be printed and kept in the Staff Office on the first floor of the Abercromby Wing of the Sydney Jones Library (to the left of the main staircase).
  • Whoever is collecting the books needs to come into the library in good time before the moot and get the volumes from the shelves. Remember that you will need your University ID card to get into the library.
  • Bring the volumes to the Staff Office and a member of staff will check off the volumes against the printed list. If you need help locating some of the cases, ask in the Office. Someone will then accompany you to the exit desk as the law reports are for reference only and aren't usually borrowed.

The volumes will need to be returned to the Staff Office after the moot and before 5pm. If there is an evening moot, contact Lisa well in advance to enable alternative arrangements to be made.

Note that some of the older law reports may be held off-site in the Brunswick Library Store; students will need to request these online via the library catalogue well in advance of the day of the moot.

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