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You can search E-Resources using the Library for Online Programmes by keyword, title or other details using our multi-source DISCOVER platform, also see further resource types (Theses, Data, Legal resources) or individual platforms under the E-Resources area of the site.

Search Options

If you wish to check if a particular E-Resource is available you can use a number of tools / options:

  • For E-Books and E-Journal articles you can perform a search by title using DISCOVER (see the 'search by title' checkbox option under the DISCOVER search box):
  • You can check if a specific E-Journal article is available using the 'Go to an article' tool shown in the E-Journals page of the Library for Online Programmes, this tool requires the full article citation (journal, volume, issue, start page, year of publication):  
  • You can try to search for the article or WWW published report by title using Google Scholar on the homepage of the Library for Online Programmes.
  • You can try to search for items by title/keyword from the Library for Online Programmes homepage using other multi-source platforms such as Web of Science, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, Google document search options or Legal platforms such as Lexis and WestLaw.
  • You can also use further tools under the E-Resources page, including Data, Legal and other resource types:

Please also see the guideline How to Locate E-Resources.

If your required resource is not available via the University of Liverpool Library

If you have checked an E-Resource is definitely not available via the Library for Online Programmes (you can also consult the librarian, see below), then please consider the following:

  • Check your reading list to see how the item is being made available online, if the item displays a commercial source such as Laureate's Online Bookstore or an alternative online source such as Laureate's Vital Source, then you should consult these sources for the item, it is possible but not guaranteed that the item may be available via the Library for Online Programmes.
  • If the item is shown as a UoL Library text, but is unavailable via our collections/purchases then you can report this as a missing item/broken link, either directly to your tutor or using the missing item Web form, please ensure you provide a valid module ID to ensure the problem item can be investigated.
  • If the item is not part of your reading list, or is not a core text (e.g. supplemental reading) and the item is not available via the UoL Library, then you may have been asked to obtain this item via other sources such as the physical UoL Library or a WWW source, you can consult the Librarian for assistance obtaining items not held in our collections, or see the guideline on Items unavailable via the Library.
  • You can also often obtain unavailable items via these sources:
    • WWW published copies of the same item (try a Google/ Document/ Scholar search by title).
    • ArticleReach electronic delivery service (usable by on-campus/library borrowing account holders only), see our Guide on ArticleReach.
    • If you are able to visit the UoL Libraries and hold a borrowing account to borrow UoL Library physical items, you can also use inter-library loan and other document supply services available at the Library Help Desk.
    • WorldCat / local library borrowing or local library inter-library-loan - you may be able to obtain the item via a local library.WorldCat provides coverage of international libraries and possible inter-library loan locations: 
    • For additional advice see our guideline on using other library services.
    • If all other options have been explored you may find the item is purchasable via the online publisher at a reasonable cost or may be able to obtain the item commercially via a national library or document supply service such as Infotrieve. See this guideline on Items unavailable via the Library.

Help locating your required item

You can also ask your Librarian to investigate your required resource, please see contact details under the Contacts area of the site. Please include full details of the item you are searching for, including full citation details for E-Journal articles (e.g. journal, volume, issue etc.)

Further Advice/ Support

We provide a dedicated E-Learning Librarian to assist you in using Library resources. If you have any problems using the Library or technical problems, please see the Contacts area of the Library for Online Programmes. Also see our guides, videos, tutorials and Library Training Module available via the Library for Online Programmes.

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