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In Endnote, select References > New Reference.

A blank template will open with the Reference Type set to Journal. Change the Reference Type to Web Page.

The information you need for a web reference may vary depending on the referencing style you are using. For Vancouver it is:

  • Author (this will usually be an organization of some sort, e.g. BMA, WHO, Asthma UK, etc, etc.).
  • Title of the web page.
  • Date of the web page (if available).
  • Date you accessed the web page.
  • URL (i.e. Web address).

Note:- When entering the name of an organization on Endnote, add a comma to the end of the name (so British Medical Association, or Asthma UK,). This prevents Endnote from treating it as a personal name. For example, with World Health Organization if you miss the comma off the end, Endnote will interpret this as a personal name: World, H.O.

So, a web site entry would look something like this (Vancouver referencing style):

World Health Organization. Influenza at the human-animal interface (HAI). 2013. (accessed 4 Feb 2013).

As with all references added to Endnote manually, when you close the reference using the red X you will be prompted to save before closing. Or at the head of the Endnote page, click on File / Save.

For more information on referencing, see the Referencing guide

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