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There is always a risk attached to including third party copyrighted material in your thesis, but in the majority of cases this risk will be very low. If using very long extracts, or significant numbers of images, maps, tables in your thesis, it is always best to ask the copyright holder for permission as soon as possible, being very specific about the use you are making of them, namely for inclusion in a PhD thesis that will be made available from the University Repository.

Failure to do so may delay your thesis from being made available in the University Repository.

Further information on copyright, including guidance on assessing levels of risk, are available in this copyright and your thesis presentation. See also Copyright and your PhD research and thesis.

This  PDF document with guidance on depositing your thesis upon publication includes information on what to do if you have included lots of third party material

Further enquiries should be directed to the Open Research Team.

You are strongly advised to seek clearance for third party copyrighted material at the earliest convenience, as this can be a time consuming task. Preferably, permission should be sought as you are gathering the material and writing your thesis. If you require more information, please contact the Open Research Team.

If you unwittingly include third party copyright material and the thesis is made live before you realise this is the case, you should inform the Open Research Team as soon as possible.

Public access to the thesis will be restricted while we advise you on how to resolve any issues. If you are unable to obtain permission to include copyright material in the thesis then you may submit an additional abridged version of your thesis with the content removed and a text box directing people to where they can access it. You would upload this version by editing the record you initially created for the thesis in Liverpool Elements.

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