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The Talis Aspire bookmarking extension is an add-on to your Web browser that enables you to bookmark resources as you do your Web searches.  Once bookmarked, you can easily add resources to your reading list.

First you need to add the bookmarking extension to your Web browser.
Go to the the My Bookmarks tab.

Click Install Bookmarking Extension.


From the next screen, also choose Install Bookmarking Extension.



The bookmarking extension allows you to bookmark resources like books, journals, videos or images from anywhere on the internet to your lists.

The system will recognise which browser you are using and take you to the appropriate app store.

The steps for Google Chrome are shown below.

Choose Add to Chrome and Add extension.


Identify your institution as University of Liverpool and Save.


Browser extensions are under the jigsaw piece on the toolbar. Click to expand this.


Choose to pin the Talis Aspire bookmarking extension to the toolbar and you will see a Talis icon.

You can now click the Talis icon  to add websites and documents, books and videos to your reading list.


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