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The library is here for you but some of our services may look a little different at the moment. For details about all of our resources and services, visit Getting Started With the Library.

Student's with a SSIS (Student Support Information Sheet) are able to book accessible study space.

There are a number of private accessibility rooms available in both the Harold Cohen Library and Sydney Jones Library for students with a SSIS (Student Support Information Sheet) to use. 

Please note support workers can access the Library with their students as long as they show a valid ID card at Reception. 


Harold Cohen Library

In the Harold Cohen Library there is the Ground Floor Accessible room and study rooms 3C, 3D.  All of these rooms can be used for both individual study and for a student to work with their support worker.


Sydney Jones Library

In the Sydney Jones Library there is the Ground Floor Accessibility room, as well as study rooms 1A, 1G, 1H, 1N, 2A, 2J, 2P.  These rooms can be used for individual study and for students to work with their support workers. Room 2H is also available but for individual study only.

To use the Ground Floor Accessibility room a key will need to be issued, please visit the Sydney Jones Help Desk.


Students with a SSIS are able to book accessibility spaces for themselves in both the Harold Cohen and Sydney Jones libraries via book a study space.

To book an accessible space under the  'Location' tab please either select Harold Cohen Library - SSIS Accessible Study Rooms or Sydney Jones Library - SSIS Accessible Study Rooms

  • Due to high demand for spaces, bookings can only be made for 4 hours per day.
  • Bookings can be made up to 72 hours in advance, but please allow 24 hours for bookings to be approved.
  • If you require a same day booking or need additional time please see below.

SSIS study room booking

Please watch the video below for further instructions on how book a space making sure you press the Submit my bookingbutton.

Once staff have confirmed that you have a SSIS,  your booking will then be approved. Please note: bookings can only be approved during staffed hours.



Same day booking or additional time needed

If you require a same day booking or have exceptional circumstances then please book by contacting us via Email,  Txt 0151 329 2657 or live Chat during staffed hours. Please provide staff with your name, student ID number, and email, along with the times and dates of the booking you would like.

If you have booked for 4 hours and find you need more time, then providing there is availability, we may be able to book you in for up to 4 hours more. Please contact us via Email,  Txt 0151 329 2657 or live Chat during staffed hours and provide staff with your name, student ID number, and your recent booking details, along with the new booking times you would like.

For more information about what help is available in the library please see  I have a Student Support Information Sheet, what services does the library offer? and Accessibility: Library Disability Support Assistance.


For further assistance please contact the library via the Help Desk, EmailTxt 0151 329 2657 or live Chat (find the Chat widget on the Library homepage).

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