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There are a number of accessibility study rooms available in both the Harold Cohen Library and Sydney Jones Library for students with a SSIS (Student Support Information Sheet) to use. 

Please note: We have introduced swipe card access for students with an SSIS plan in the following accessible study spaces:

  • The shared accessible study space and IT study area at the Sydney Jones Library
  • The shared accessible study space at the Harold Cohen Library 
  • The small accessible room on the ground floor at the Harold Cohen Library.

For all three spaces, students can let themselves in to the rooms with their student ID cards, but booking is still required, as demand will be high. Students are welcome to still book through Live Chat, by phone or in person if they prefer however.

  • The Ground Floor Accessible room
  • Also on the Ground floor, the Social Accessible Study Space (SASS). This shared accessible room has:
    • Five height adjustable desks, two of which the desks have PCs.

    • An accessible printer

    •  an accessible zoom pod

    •  A shared study desk with screen.

    • A comfy seating area and a range of different chairs for students to use at desks.

    • Allocated student lockers.

  • On the 3rd floor, study rooms 3C, 3D.
  • The shared accessible room on the ground floor of the Abercromby Wing. The shared accessible room has
    • Four desks with PCs and a separate room with a PC.

    • An accessible printer

    •  A comfy seating area and a range of chairs suitable for different needs.

    • An accessible zoom pod.

  • The sensory room available for students with a support plan to use.

    • This is bookable via the Library Booking System. The room is usable for one hour a day, for up to four hours per week for each student. 

    • This room is for single use only, or use with a support worker.

  • Abercromby, Ground floor, Accessible Study Area: 4 study booths and an individual study room
  • Grove, 1st floor, study rooms 1A, 1G, 1H, and 1N
  • Grove, 2nd floor, study rooms 2A, 2H, 2J, and 2P.

To book a study space or room please follow the steps in our Library FAQ How do I book a study space or room?. When selecting your Library, choose either Harold Cohen Library - SSIS Accessible Study Spaces or Sydney Jones Library - SSIS Accessible Study Spaces.

  • Bookings can be made up to 48 hours in advance
  • Due to high demand for spaces, booking times default to 4 hours per day.
  • Please note that only students with a Student Support Information Sheet (SSIS) will be able to make a booking for an accessibility room. If you do not have a SSIS then you will be unable to place a booking for these rooms. 

If you need to extend your booking or need further assistance, please contact the library as follows:

Please note: you may bring a support worker into the study room with you but they will need to register for a Library Visitor Card on their first visit. This is free of charge for support workers. 

For more information about what help is available in the library please see I have a Student Support Information Sheet, what services does the library offer? and Library Disability Support Assistance.

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