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Off-Campus Access to Library E-Resources

To access Library eresources, please visit Library Web pages, then supply your UoL username and password when prompted after visiting links to databases, journals, ebooks etc.

Note - for help with connectivity, VPN or similar issues please also see our FAQ entitled: VPN connectivity or similar help accessing the University Library or wider network.

Please Note, UoL systems now use 'Duo' SMS based authentication, this involves registering a mobile device and inputting an SMS sent to your mobile for additional authentication. 

Quick Solutions for technical problems

  1. Make sure you log into the Library before accessing resources.
  2. Make sure your Web browser is upgraded to the latest version (see below).
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (see below).
  4. Reset your Web browser to default settings (see below).
  5. Restart your computer then try accessing resources again.

Further advice:

  • Login difficulties - you can try setting a new password or obtain help at any time, including all closed/vacation times using our 24/7 IT Service Desk, Tel: +44 (0)151 794 4567.
  • Online students can also log into the Library guide for Online Programmes (after logging in you should see 'Logged in' in the left menu). If you have ongoing problems accessing eresources you are recommended to contact the Online Librarian as soon as possible for support. Also see videos and tutorials.
  • Computer Updates - make sure your PC is updated to the latest version, e.g. Windows, Macintosh, Ubuntu, visit the Web site of your operating system and follow the instructions to update, or alternatively activate updates from within the operating system.
  • Web browsers - you should have the most recent version of your Web browser, we recommend the latest version of Internet Explorer (for Windows), Safari (for Mac) or Firefox or Google Chrome (any platform).
  • You can reset your Web Browser to default settings to overcome configuration problems, see instructions for SafariFirefox or Chrome.
  • PDF problems - you should also have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are having problems using PDF documents you can also try uninstalling your PDF reader from your PC, then download and install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Locating eresources - try a search for your required item by title using our Library Search platform, articles can also be located using global journal/citation platforms such as SCOPUS and Web of Science. Also see this tutorial on locating resources

Back Button error (when logging into Library eresources or other UoL systems)

If you see an error when logging into the Library, eresources or other UoL systems, stating 'You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application' please try above steps such as using a standard Web browser, clearing your browser's cache/ temporary files, resetting the browser to default settings or using another newly installed standard Web browser.

The Firefox browser (available on all devices) is recommended if you see this error, or Safari browser (Apple devices).

If you continue to experience this error after following above steps, you are advised to consult IT Services.

You may be able to connect to the Library/ eresources using one of our remote desktop applications, such as Apps Anywhere (please use the desktop version to access your local drives) or the Remote Teaching Centre Service. For either service you will need to run the service, open a Web browser within the remote computer environment, then visit the Library to begin using eresources.

Library error page 'You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application'

Errors shown when using Library Search

If you see an error when logging into Library Search indicating you are unable to sign in, this may indicate you need to be added to Library Search, please contact the Library for advice.

If you see an error when attempting to log into Library Search "Sorry about this... your access to University of Liverpool Library online resources has been temporarily suspended due to activity that may breach license terms and conditions."  this may indicate you are using a VPN which has connected to too many countries, you should check your VPN is set to a dedicated IP address or limit the number of countries being connected, please also report this issue to the Library to ensure you can resume access to Library Search. You can continue to access eresources by following Full Text and similar links in Library Search.

Secure Web site warnings (shown in Web browser or 3rd party Firewall, Virus scanner, Malware scanner)

Following changes in browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and some software such as Virus Scanners, requiring all Web content to have SSL certificate, some students have reported SSL Certificate issues when visiting some databases and Web content.

If this occurs, you may see a warning in the top-left corner of the browser, on the address bar next to the URL, e.g.

SSL certificates verify the provider and allows for encrypted and secure data to be transmitted.

In the event you visit a non-SSL resource or external Web site you may be able to browse normally, however, if you have installed 3rd party applications such as a Firewall, Virus Scanner or Malware Scanner, these applications may halt your browsing to the non-SSL resource or Web site.

If you cannot proceed to a resource or Web site due to your 3rd party Firewall, Virus Scanner or similar application, you are advised to consult the IT Service Desk in the first instance for advice if it is safe to access the specific URL/address you are visiting, email or use the 24/7 IT support line +44(0)151 79 44567 (you should provide the exact URL of the resource/Web site you are visiting when asking IT Service Desk for advice on an individual Web site/resource).

I can’t log into 'Athens' on a particular collection/ system on the Internet...

The University library does not use the Athens system for logging into subscribed resources/ Web sites. You should log into the Library Web site and use the search tools and links to access resources/ collections.

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