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The docs/suspend error message is displayed when a user downloads excessive amounts of material in a short space of time from our electronic databases or journals. The EZproxy service, which is used to authenticate our eResources, has in-built restrictions to prevent the systematic harvesting of content from a site in breach of our licence conditions. This barrier can also be hit during normal downloading of content, so it does not suggest any illicit action on your part.

When this happens you may be blocked from access to all online resources for a while. You will be taken to a web page 'EZProxy Maximum Data Transfer Limit Reached' that explains the suspension and the reasons for it, and tells you when your access will be restored.

You should find that access is restored automatically after a period of time. If it hasn't, try deleting the part of the URL of the page where you are experiencing the problem. For example, if the URL is, change it to This will bypass EZproxy and should allow access to the journal, as long as you are using a University of Liverpool networked PC.

If this problem persists please let us know by using one of the Contact Us options.

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